The Transformative Power of Love: Willow (1988)

Jay from Death by Foui joins me on Think Spiritual for this episode of (Spiritual Lessons from) 80s Swordporn!

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Jay and I have wanted to get together and discuss this movie for quite a while now because it absolutely is one of our favourites. In fact, I posit that Willow is a (or the) “desert-island movie” – as in, “If you were to be stranded on a desert-island and could only have one movie with you, what would it be?”

I definitely watch Willow at least once a year and sometimes twice in the same year. In preparation for this podcast, I watched it twice in a week.

The first time I watched it on my own to see if I could glean anything new from it. I had never watched Willow from the Hero’s Journey perspective and as I did so, the truth of the movie dawned on me.

I wanted to talk about it so badly at that point that I had to watch the movie a second time with Christine so I could tell her the mythology and internal message I was seeing.

I hope you enjoy this breakdown of a great movie…which could alternately be titled: The Tale of the Unloved Princess.

Change your Self; change your World.

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