Why Thor Got Fat in Avengers: Endgame

For your consideration today is this question: Why did Thor get fat in Avengers: Endgame?

[Endgame some Fat Thor scene]

The basic answer to the question – that doesn’t really answer the question – is that Thor felt like a failure and he no longer felt worthy to retain his power, so he began to eat and drink himself into a stupor.

The real questions to answer are: Why did Thor feel unworthy? and What did he feel unworthy of?

[depressed Thor back in Avengers HQ?]

My hypothesis is that Thor feels like he’s a failure, not so much for what happened here:

[aim for the head, snap – Infinity War]

But for what he did next:

[killing Thanos + admitting to killing Thanos scene – Endgame]

Because it was the moment that Thor killed an unarmed man who no longer represented any threat to himself or to anyone else that Thor reverted back to the arrogant, petulant and rash Warrior that Odin banished to Earth all those years ago.

[flipping table and/or fighting with Odin from first movie] 

And it was only a moment, but Thor is reliving that moment over and over and over again in his mind and the more he relives it, the more he believes that he’s no longer worthy to be King of Asgard and no longer worthy of the Power of Thor.

In the 2012 Thor film, Thor proves that he is worthy of the Power of Thor.

[being resurrected with Mjolnir]

In Thor: Ragnarok, Thor did what few heroes do: he transcended the archetype of the Hero and proved he was worthy to be King of Asgard.

[on throne surrounded by archetypes]

Spiritually speaking, he attained Enlightenment and once you attain Enlightenment can you ever un-attain it?

Well, it’s certainly possible to have very unenlightened moments no matter how much inner work and self improvement you’ve accomplished. Does one unenlightened moment undo all those years of development? Were they all for nothing? Are you no longer Worthy of Power and Kingship after having one bad day? After one bad year? After ten bad years?

When are we going to stop getting fat from guilt and self-loathing?

When are we going to stop destroying others and our Self over the mistakes and unenlightened moments of the past?

When are we going to accept that our self-worth isn’t based on what we do or on what other people think of us?

[Batman: it’s what I do that defines me – fist flies in and punches him off screen]

What you think and believe about your Self in the present moment is the only thing that matters.

You’re still worthy and always have been.

[I’m still worthy from Endgame]

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