Conan the Barbarian (1982): The Perfect Feminine & the Everyman

Road of Trials – The Hero’s Journey Step 6

Krull (1983): The Wholeness of the Combined Masculine & Feminine

You Exist Here – Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Belly of the Whale – The Hero’s Journey Step 5 or Why Being “Woke” Isn’t Enough

Excalibur (1981) – Forgiveness and Healing

Spiritual Aspects of Avengers: Infinity War

Personal Spiritual Journeys #6: Bernardo & Gonzo

Crossing the First Threshold – The Hero’s Journey Step 4

Personal Spiritual Journeys #5: Jason

The Reluctant Mentor: Cars & Cars 3

Legend (1985): Embracing the Shadow

Nice Nailantei Leng’ete: Hero’s Journey In Real Life #1

Personal Spiritual Journeys #4: Bruce

Gravity (2013): The Path to Enlightenment

Highlander: Overcoming Nihilism

Supernatural Aid – The Hero’s Journey Step 3

Personal Spiritual Journeys #3 – Gwen

Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Science & Religion in Harmony

Refusal of the Call – The Hero’s Journey Step 2

Personal Spiritual Journeys #2 – Christine

The Call to Adventure – The Hero’s Journey Step 1

The Beginning & The End: The Zero Step of The Hero’s Journey

Thor: Ragnarok: Mastery of Self

Personal Spiritual Journeys #1 – Mark

Soldier (1998): Coming to Terms with Your Past

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