One Awakening is Not Enough – Matrix: Resurrections

Your Red Pill Has Been Revoked!

As far as I’m concerned, The Matrix: Resurrections confirms my theory that Neo is a feminine-driven Heroine.

Oh, and you’re STILL The One even if you have to learn that one Awakening is never enough.

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[Spoilers will abound]

I’ve seen The Matrix: Resurrections once and I’d like to see it again before doing a full analysis – if I feel it’s necessary – but at the moment I have a sneaking suspicion that the entire point of the film was to make fun of anyone who has attempted to analyse the trilogy at all. More specifically, I think it’s a blatant slap-in-the-face to the entire “red pill” movement…

…which I don’t consider as a bad thing, but that’s not the point of this mini-review.

No, we have to remember that movies are ART and the people who create these movies are ARTISTS and art is not something that’s meant to be endlessly analysed even if it does hide endless messages within it.

But now, in typical Taoist fashion, I’m going to kind of, sort of, analyse Matrix 4.

Not to toot my own horn, but entirely to toot my own horn, the power of the Masculine and Feminine and the necessity of walking the path between the two is what my entire “Neo’s Heroine’s Journey” analysis of the Matrix Trilogy was about.

How Neo uses his power in Matrix 4 proves my theory that he’s a Feminine-driven character. [question] Notice how often he uses this defensive shield throughout the film? That’s Feminine energy. Shields, bracers, defensive tactics, making a stand, holding the line, protecting what you love – that’s all yonic, Feminine energy.

Swords, knives, spears, guns, penetrating spaceships to blow them up, aggressive tactics and charging into battle, putting love into action – that’s all phallic, Masculine energy.

Aggressive, Masculine energy is what Trinity uses when she faces – and literally defaces – The Analyst at the end of the film. Yes, she’s a strong, powerful, FEMALE character, but her energy is entirely Masculine.

The original Matrix films were all about the repression of the Feminine energy of The Matrix and the Masculine energy of Zion and the necessity of humans and machines living in harmony so that both could thrive instead of being in endless conflict.

But in Resurrections, the character known as The Analyst resurrected Trinity and Neo for one dark purpose: bring Trinity and Neo too close together and BOOM…things got messy for anyone or anything in their vicinity. Bring them just close enough together and then others were able to benefit from their power while they were powerless.

The Analyst resurrected Trinity and Neo in order to generate power…so he could sell it.

He turned Masculinity and Femininity into currency, people. He took the human need to survive and the human need to create, he took Labour and Love and kept them just out of reach of each other, all so he could get rich.

Now, none of this was Trinity’s or Neo’s fault – they couldn’t help what was being done to them and they couldn’t prevent how they were being used, but there were others who could prevent it.

The new breed of Hackers knew how to find them and knew how to bring them back together because they knew where to look for the Hero and Heroine.

In the mirrors.

It doesn’t matter if you take the red pill or blue pill, it doesn’t matter how “woke” you think you are, it doesn’t matter how much research you do or what news network you watch or who you vote for. None of that matters because we have all bought into the system in some manner or other.

The really important question is: What are you giving to The Analyst?

What do you pay each and every day to uphold the life you’ve built?

What cause have you given yourself to that depletes your energy?

What hate and anger are you holding onto that’s draining you?

Do you shave off a little piece of your soul every time you go to a job you hate doing or even ethically disagree with?

Do you just see the world as a Dumpster Fire and want “all the evil people” to pay in blood for their crimes?

Do you blame women and feminism for all of your problems?

Do you blame men and patriarchy for all of your problems?

Are you at constant war with yourself because you’re repressing who you really are in some manner or other?

What are you giving to The Analyst?

Who’s getting rich from all of that energy you expend and whose fault is it that you keep exhausting that energy?

Why are you still trying to fix the outside world?

Why are you still expecting a source outside of yourself to come and rescue you?

The Matrix isn’t something you need to escape because it’s within you, not outside of you.

You ARE the Matrix

you ARE Zion

you ARE the humans

you ARE the Machines.

You are Io.

You are the Villain.

You are the Heroine.

You are the Hero.

You are the One.

How many times do I have to say it?

[Change Your Self. Change Your World.]

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