Disney’s Encanto – Every Gift Bears a Curse

An unscripted talk about the symbolism in Disney’s Encanto and Mirabel’s Heroine’s Journey. There is a specific reason why Mirabel’s door disappeared – at least I believe there is.

One of the main themes of the film that I perhaps didn’t talk enough about is how every “gift” that each person is given becomes their curse. However part of the reason for that is because of Abuela’s refusal to move from her place.

As I thought about the movie more, I am now more inclined to believe that Abuela became stuck on her Heroine’s Journey at the Fair Maiden or Chosen One loop, which then mirror-hopped to her Normal Existence of the Hero’s Journey.

So, my initial analysis may be slightly incorrect in regard to steps of the Journeys, but the lessons we can take from it still apply as talked about.

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