Is Anger Okay? – Venom (2018)

This is the first of a new set of short-form videos that will focus on a single scene or aspect of a film or show that may not have enough depth for a deep dive, but definitely warrants an examination.

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For your consideration today is the final scene from the 2018 film Venom.

Venom is ultimately a physical manifestation of Eddie Brock’s anger. Eddie is angry that no one wants to hear the Truth anymore. He’s been angry for a long time that he was run out of New York and now he’s angry that he has to play nice and run puff pieces about a man he considers to be a dangerous criminal.

So, of course, Eddie goes rogue-reporter and ends up getting himself and his fiance fired from their jobs which brings an end to his forthcoming nuptials.

The truth of the matter is, Eddie is angry with himself. Most of us are angry with our Self. Sure, we point our fingers at the outside world and pin the blame on religion and government and corrupt bureaucrats and the rich 1%, but to see the true face of who we’re really mad at, well, all we have to do is look in the mirror.

And that Anger is eating us alive.

The only solution to being free from our Anger, to being at peace with our raging Inner Beast, is to be At One with it. We have to atone with our past and accept that this is the life we have and whatever events led us up to this point, all the choices and power are in our hands as to how we should proceed.

Some people will continue to battle with their Anger. They’ll run to other people and ask them to fix their problems because they’re afraid of their own power and of losing what they have and, thus, they’ll never achieve symbiosis.

Some people, like Carlton Drake, are far too eager to embrace their Anger and Power because they want to point it outward and destroy the world. They don’t see the wonder and beauty of the world, they don’t see that human beings are the scum and the glory of this planet. All they see is the “dumpster fire” and they may as well add fuel and let it burn.

And some people, like Eddie Brock, will eventually come to acceptance. They tame the Beast, they tell it what’s acceptable and what isn’t. They become Whole and At One.

But please remember that this is all metaphorical and all happens within you. It’s not okay to create mayhem in the streets, it’s not okay to mete out vigilante justice, and it’s not okay to create Carnage.

However, every now and then, it’s totally fine to bite someone’s head off.


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