Peace With the Present Through Time Travel

It’s TIME to Live in the NOW

Demons are a Robot's Best Friends

Can We Move Beyond Our Programming?

Will Your Obsession Be Your Downfall?

Mastering the Universe: A Revelation

The POWER of Knowing Your ROLE

Glass is OUR Origin Story

Did You F*ck Up Your Path to Enlightenment?

Why Thor Got Fat in Avengers: Endgame

Casey Cooke's Shadow Journey

Split (2016) is an Archetypes Movie

You Always Have Your Inner Hero With You

It’s Time to Stand Up, Hero! (Spiderman: Homecoming (2017))

Does Evil Teach Us How to be the Hero?

Whose Story is Unbreakable (2000)?

Give Your Inner Wisdom the Love She Needs

Why is Merlin Almost Naked? (7 Deadly Sins – Anime)

Sometimes Order Needs an Antidote

No Rules for Life – School of Rock (2003)

Need a Shift in Perspective? It's Time for a Long Talk!

Let’s Have Dinner With Andre

What if the Devil won the war for Heaven?

The Dredd-A-Thon

This is Why Mirabel's Door Vanished

Disney’s Encanto – Every Gift Bears a Curse

Matrix: Resurrections & Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Reversed Masculine and Feminine

One Awakening is Not Enough – Matrix: Resurrections

Why Not Both?

Be the Bridge Between the Mandalorian and the Jedi – Book of Boba Fett

Maniac Explained

End Scene of Netflix’s Maniac Explained

Are Your Tears Working?

Your Emotional Centre – Alita: Battle Angel (2019)

The Real Source of Your Anger

Is Anger Okay? – Venom (2018)

Anakin Skywalker’s Villainous Journey

Dual Ego Hypothesis and Archetypes (Man in the High Castle & Man of Steel)

Existential Nihilism Embodied in 7 Film and TV Characters

The Burden of Purpose – I Am Mother – Soul – Entrapta

Roy Batty: From Animal to Enlightened Human in 10 Minutes – A Deeper Meaning of Blade Runner (1982)

The Binary Return Journeys of Elsa & Anna – A Deeper Meaning of Frozen 2

How the Hero’s & Heroine’s Journeys Work Together – A Deeper Meaning of Frozen (2013)

Neo’s Heroine’s Journey – A Deeper Meaning of the Matrix Trilogy: Take Both Pills

The Beginning & The End: The Zero Step of The Hero’s Journey

Emotions Are Your Cure – MCU Hulk/Banner’s Hero’s Journey Part 3

Two Important Lessons from James J. Braddock – Cinderella Man (2005)

(MCU) Hulk’s/Bruce Banner’s Personal Hero’s Journey – Part 2

Hulk’s / Bruce Banner’s Personal Hero’s Journey – Part 1

The Deeper Meaning of Kung Fu Panda 3 (aka How to Attain Enlightenment)

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