Can We Move Beyond Our Programming?

Demons are a Robot's Best Friends

Michael and Mark finish off an evening of heavy discussion with more heavy discussion and a deep dive into the subject of robots and artificial intelligence. This subject is explored through two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation (Elementary, My Dear Data and Ship In A Bottle), A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001), Chappie (2015), and the Netflix reboot of Lost In Space.

The discussion floats more around ethics and probabilities and pratical living rather than spirituality, but it seems that many of these AI stories tend to be warnings of Human Hubris moreso than the celebration of achievements.

Watching Ship In A Bottle
Discussing Lost In Space and More
Opening Discussion/Analysis of A.I. Artificial Intelligence
This part begins with Chappie, but revolves back around to A.I. Artificial Intelligence
More A.I., but we somehow get around to Batman as well.

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